Will Facebook Cave In?

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A group of 15 activists, including two former EPA administrators, is asking Facebook to censor the writing of the CO2 Coalition. In a July 1 letter to the co-chairman of the Facebook Oversight committee, the group, Climate Power 2020,  says:

    • “Facebook is allowing the spread of climate misinformation to flourish, unchecked, across the globe.”
    • Instead of heeding the advice of independent scientists and approved fact-checkers from Climate Feedback, Facebook sided with fossil fuel lobbyists by allowing the CO2 Coalition to take advantage of a giant loophole for ‘opinion’ content.”
    • The loophole has allowed climate denial to fester by labeling it ‘opinion,’and thus, avoiding the platform’s fact-checking processes.”

The CO2 Coalition is a group formed in 2015 to educate “thought leaders, policy makers, and the public about the  important contribution made by carbon dioxide to  our lives and the economy.” Unlike Climate Power 2020, it contains numerous well-known scientists, including William Happer, Richard Lindzen, Patrick Michaels, and Roy Spencer.

Climate Power is composed primarily of political figures, including Stacey Abrams, Carol Browner, Tom Steyer, and  John Podesta. Continue reading “Will Facebook Cave In?”

Monday’s Links: Suing Exxon (Again). . . Changing Cities. . . Nuclear Power

Minnesota AG sues Exxon, Koch, and Petroleum Institute over climate change. (Shifting attention maybe?)

Climate activities must adopt nuclear power, says Michael Shellenberger in Quillette.

City Journal tells us how the urban environment will change. Think: decaying malls.

High-flying shale oil company seeks bankruptcy. protection.

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The Pandemic and Trophy Hunting


Fear that the coronavirus pandemic came from wild animals has evoked calls for greater limits on trade in wildlife. But Catherine Semcer of PERC (the Property and Environment Research Center), in a thorough discussion of the issue, says that the coronavirus did not come from legal trade in wildlife and warns against further restricting trophy hunting through bans on imports.

Writes Semcer on the PERC site:

“The lack of evidence connecting the pandemic to the legal trade in wildlife is critical for decision makers around the world to consider as they plot a path forward and seek to reduce the risks of future pandemics. The sustainable use of wildlife for commercial and other purposes has proven itself to be a highly effective tool for conserving wildlands and reducing poverty, both of which have important roles in preventing the spread of infectious disease.

“Blanket trade bans, like some have proposed, also risk making the jobs of public health officials significantly more difficult, leading to delayed investigations, sluggish responses, and lost lives when the next pandemic occurs. Rather than enact blanket bans on trade, effective policies will be more targeted, seeking to leverage the ability of trade to produce outcomes that reduce the risk of future disease outbreaks and expand the use of market- and rights-based conservation tools to limit the emergence of new pathogens.


“Conservation programs that create viable economic alternatives and increase the opportunity costs of such development have the potential to act as a prophylactic guarding against any viral spillover into human populations. Continue reading “The Pandemic and Trophy Hunting”

Nuclear energy . . . the Great American Outdoors bill . . . Anesthetics can change climate?

Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Towers

Nuclear energy may be safer than we think, says a new study from the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

A reason to support the Great American Outdoors bill, just passed by the Senate: it would fund maintenance of our national parks, says PERC’s Brian Yablonski on Fox News.

Religious diversion? The Vatican recommends divestment from fossil fuels.

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Big Tech Quashes Climate Skepticism


Social media are cutting cut out skeptical views about climate, says Clarice Feldman on the Pipeline.


Apple no longer allows its iPhone to access an app called Inconvenient Facts which challenges Al Gore’s views on dangerous climate change. Reddit moderators have banned climate skeptics from the “/r/science” feature which has millions of monthly visitors. Wattsup documents countless incidents of social media censorship by Google, twitter and Microsoft. Twitter is the worst in its view. It bans tweets whose content it omnisciently determines is “inaccurate. “At the same time it runs and sometimes promotes ads without marking them as paid ads or putting the word “promoted “ in tiny font.


And then there’s YouTube (owned by Google). It is the “platform” that carries videos on everything from White House pressers to how to trim and tie a beef tenderloin or make your own silly putty. “1,300,000,000 use YouTube. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.” https://merchdope.com/youtube-stats/
You Tube is adding “fact checks” to videos that dare to question the climate change credo.

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Michael Moore Again, What Recycling Is Really Like, Class Conflicts over Wind Energy

Shredded Documents

More on Michael Moore, from RealClearEnergy.

Outside Magazine describes what actually happens when you recycle.

Class conflicts over siting of wind energy in New York and New England. On RealClearEnergy.

Straightening out the BBC on the “sunniest May ever.” HT-Benny Peiser.

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