Here’s Why There’s No Megadrought

Here’s Sterling Burnett on the “megadrought”:


The establishment media is hyping a new paper claiming climate change is contributing to a megadrought throughout the western United States. Federal government data compiled by the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), however, show the claim is false.

Reporting on the study, published in the journal Science, Doyle Rice writes in USA Today, “[f]ueled in part by human-caused climate change, a ‘megadrought’ appears to be emerging in the western U.S., a study published Thursday suggests. In fact, the nearly-20-year drought is almost as bad or worse than any in the past 1,200 years, scientists say.”


The 20 year drought Williams and company are warning of doesn’t actually appear to be occurring. Indeed, NIDIS records show 78 percent of the country is not experiencing drought or even below average rainfall at present. In the West, less than half of the region is experiencing below average rainfall, and of regions in the West experiencing drought conditions, the Palmer Drought Index shows, just 3.76 percent of the entire country is experiencing extreme or exceptional drought, concentrated in a small part of South Texas.

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