How I Became a Free-Market Environmentalist in France

By Max Falque. The managing director of ICREI, the International Center for Research on Environmental Issues, Max Falque is based in Aix-en-Provence, France. He tells the story of how he changed from a French bureaucrat to a proponent of environmental protection using private property and markets.  From his essay, “Why Did I Become a Free-Market …

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Green Opposition to Pesticides Keeps Locust Plagues Alive

Angela Logomasini of the Competitive Enterprise Institute:   As billions of desert locusts swarm through East Africa and into Asia threatening the food supply of millions, environmental activists want to ban and regulate the only effective tools to stop it: pesticides. * * * Activist campaigns to ban pesticides around the world mean the many …

The War on Roundup: A War on Science in Agriculture

By Blake Hurst This guest post is by Blake Hurst,  a farmer in northwest Missouri, growing greenhouse flowers, corn, and soybeans. He is  also president of the Missouri Farm Bureau. Farmers and what critics call “industrial agriculture“ are under public pressure—over genetically modified seeds, long-standing fear of chemicals, and concerns about animal welfare. Farmers’ methods of …

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A new crime appears in California: recycling fraud. H-T Waste Dive. Africa’s worst infestation of locusts in 75 years, thanks to the war against pesticides. Democrats propose a “National Climate Bank” to invest in climate innovation —with $35 billion from the U. S. government.