Is Climate Change Killing People?

Numerous news sources are reporting a claim that a warmer climate is killing so many American that health departments aren’t equipped to handle the upsurge in cases. Yet the most precise measurements we have show there has been no increase in U.S. temperatures since 2005, writes Heartland Institute scholar James Taylor. He  goes on to note that cold temperatures cause more deaths than warm temperatures:

“In a peer-reviewed study published in the prestigious medical journal  Lancet, researchers found that colder-than-ideal temperatures kill 20 times more people globally than warmer-than-ideal temperatures. That includes the United States, where the U.S. Centers for Disease Control report far more Americans die each day during the cold winter months than during the warm summer months. Therefore, even if temperatures were warming in the United States, any such climate change would save the lives of far more people than would die because of the warmer temperatures.”

It is a shame that Google doesn’t “fact check” itself to avoid promoting clearly deceitful alarmist articles as top results for climate change “news.”