Friday’s Links

Is too much e-commerce overrunning our cities? Yes, says the World Economic Forum.

The term ‘global warming’ may be coming back, because it’s scarier than ‘climate change.’

Puddles, ditches, and watering ponds no longer regulated as federal waters.Earlier Links

Wolves are doing well in Yellowstone, 25 years after their reintroduction.

‘The environmental movement is out to smash capitalism.’

Davos: vegan food,  electric cars, lower-carbon jet fuel, emissions offsets.

Now there’s a plant-a-trillion-trees campaign.

Polar bears are thriving.

Malaysia rejects plastic waste, shuts down 200 plastics recycling plants.

Attack on plastics could be a ballot initiative in California this year.

Starbucks: ‘We will expand plant-based options, migrating toward a more environmentally friendly menu.’ More plant-based than coffee?

Russia chooses climate change adaptation, not mitigation.

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